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Shen Kwoon Wing Chun School

a journey

Wing Chun and me


Wing Chun

Wing Chun is a Chinese martial art or Kung Fu system with a rich history.  It's roots can be traced back to the famous Shaolin temple.  It was born out of the necessity to win on the battlefield and survives today due to it's practicality, effectiveness, and real-world applicability.  The system encompasses all aspects of traditional Kung Fu including the striking, grappling, locking, and energy techniques.  But most importantly, the tactical and spiritual aspects are included.

SiFu (teacher)

Interested in martial arts since childhood, I researched and studied many systems as I grew up. I began my journey in Wing Chun in 1999 under SiFu William Mason and continued training under Grandmaster Phillip Holder when SiFu Mason passed. I have had the fortune to train a log time with many fellow students of SiFu Mason and Grandmaster Holder and now I am fortunate to be teaching other seekers and help them find their way on their own Wing Chun journey.

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