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Information Shen Kwoon Wing Chun School

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How to join

Joining is easy
  1. Send me a message on the contact page
  2. Arrange for a time to come and watch a class
  3. Ask questions
It's that easy



Shing Shun Kwoon - Link to memorial site of my first teacher SiFu Mason


NAWCA - Link to my current teacher and Grandmaster of the North American Wing Chun Association


Westchester Wing Chun - Link to school of SiFu Wahish

Man Sao (Seeking Asking)

  • Private classes are available - but I discourage them for two reasons.  One is the cost.  The other is that you are not able to practice with a variety of other students.  That variety is necessary to develop a broad level of skill.

  • Regular training involves forms, reflex training, wooden dummy application training, self-defense and fighting application training and much more.

  • I concentrate my teaching on giving each student the knowledge and ability to build their own skills through practice.

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